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Quality Assurance - ISO9001 Accredited

Our quality of work is a reflection of our business and as such we are proud to be part of an industry quality assured system, formally certified compliant AS/NZS ISO 9001.

First achieved in 1996 and maintained in an unbroken period ever since we pride ourselves on the delivery of installations and services with strict adherence to our quality management plan. The quality system ensures consistency of outcomes is maintained, as well as record keeping and administration process are of the highest standards.

Each project is provided with a tailored quality manual and plan for use ON SITE. Each manual includes the required check and hold point information, data collection templates and flow charted processes.

On-site, our personnel are trained and educated to proactively use the quality manual as a useful tool for project delivery. For example, non-conformance reporting is used both internally and externally to identify and document deficient workmanship or materials.

Certified System - Quality ISO 9001 SAI Global